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April 21 in LGBTQ History

1966: Members of the Mattachine Society stage a “sip-in” at the Julius Bar in Greenwich Village, where the New York Liquor Authority prohibits serving gay patrons in bars on the basis that homosexuals are “disorderly.” Society president Dick Leitsch and other members announce their homosexuality and are immediately refused service.  Following the sip-in, the Mattachine Society … Read More

April 15 in LGBTQ History

1986: Jean Genet dies in Paris at the age of seventy-five. 1990: Screen legend Greta Garbo, eighty-four, dies in New York City. Several obituaries allude to persistent rumors about the reclusive star’s alleged sexual affairs with writer Mercedes de Acosta and various other women.

April 8 in LGBTQ History

1947: The Institute for Sex Research, popularly known as the Kinsey Institute after researcher Alfred C. Kinsey, is incorporated in Indiana. 1990: After a five-year, highly publicized battle with AIDS, Ryan White, eighteen, dies of the disease in a hospital in Indianapolis, one month before his high school graduation.  White, a hemophiliac, had contracted the … Read More

April 2 in LGBTQ History

1976: The owner of a Hoboken, NJ dinner theater, the Clam Broth House, cancels an upcoming production of The Boys in the Band after learning that the play is about homosexuality. “The Clam Broth House is a family restaurant,” says manager Arthur Pelaez, “and I do not feel that this kind of play is the type … Read More

March 29 in LGBTQ History

1976: By a vote of 6 to 3, the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the constitutionality of Virginia’s sodomy laws. 1985: The Los Angeles Times comes out in favor of gay rights and urges the U.S. Supreme Court to take a stand on more gay-related issues. 1988: Georgetown University, the nation’s oldest Roman Catholic university, loses … Read More

March 28 in LGBTQ History

1969: Society for Individual Rights president Leo Laurence and his lover are featured in a photo-illustrated article in the Berkeley Barb. Calling for “the Homosexual Revolution of 1969,” Laurence exhorts gay men and lesbians to Join the Black Panthers and other left-wing groups and to “come out” en masse. 1990: With the opening of the Robert … Read More

March 26 in LGBTQ History

1973: Gay playwright, Noel Coward, dies in Jamaica at the age of 73. 1975: After the local district attorney’s office rules that there are no county laws preventing two people of the same-sex from getting married, Boulder, Colorado county clerk Clela Rorex issues a marriage license to two gay men. It is the first same-sex marriage … Read More

February 26 in LGBTQ History

1990: Refusing to consider the cases of Ben-Shalom v. Stone and Woodward v. U.S., the U.S. Supreme Court effectively upholds the right of the American military to discharge gays and lesbians of the armed forces.

February 16 in LGBTQ History

1990: Famed pop artist Keith Haring dies from AIDS at 31.  Six months earlier he had been quoted as saying, “The hardest thing is just knowing that there’s so much more stuff to do.”

February 13 in LGBTQ History

1972: The film version of Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret, based on Christopher Isherwood’s writings about his time in pre-WWII Berlin, has its world premiere in New York City. Unlike the stage version, the film version adheres slightly more closely to the source material and portrays Michael York’s character, Brian (based on Isherwood himself), bisexual. 1990: Thirteen … Read More

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