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ALLEN PAGE is an Intuitive Guide, Channel and Medium offering transformational guidance, messages and Ageless Wisdom for learning, healing and personal growth. A native of New Orleans, his African, European and First Nations heritage informs his practice and inspires his ongoing study of the world’s sacred traditions and their inherent unity.

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Allen’s community involvement began with his participation in the revolutionary First Spiritual Conference for Radical Faeries in the Arizona desert in 1979. After that life-changing Labor Day Weekend, he and his creative partner produced an audio-visual presentation of images from the gathering and presented it around California. Allen’s written evocation of that weekend has appeared twice in RFD Magazine and was published in the 2011 anthology The Fire in Moonlight edited by Mark Thompson.

Allen participated in the first Day of Inter-generational Dialog envisioned and organized by Don Kilhefner in1998. He was initiated into the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Medicine Circle in 2002 and has participated in its community seasonal ceremonies. He has given presentations at In the Meantime in the GLBT African-American community; presented consciousness and community-building workshops at the California Men’s Gatherings; spoken on a panel about the Native American Two Spirit tradition after a screening of the documentary “Two Spirits”; and spoke on a panel honoring pioneering gay visionary and activist Harry Hay at the One Institute.

Allen is also one of the co-founding members of the Los Angeles Gay Elder Circle, for which he facilitated its first public exploration of the necessity and function of elders in our community in 2011. He has been a panelist for subsequent Ask the Elders intergenerational dialog events co-sponsored by Project: Service LA. He participated as an elder at Models of Pride on the USC campus in 2013; was interviewed in the fundraising video for The Lavender Effect’s Oral History Project; and has served as a volunteer on the Steering Committee of the Los Angeles Gay Healers’ Circle, as well as on the board of the Los Angeles Hospice at Anam Cara. His poems appear in the 2008 anthology My Life is Poetry edited by Steven Reigns.

Allen speaks on consciousness, spirituality and healing, and on the sacred role of queer people as revealed through cross-cultural indigenous traditions. An avid student and proponent of our history, culture and purpose, he recently organized and facilitated a community conversation on the Two Spirit and African Dagara Gatekeeper traditions for queer people of all genders and persuasions. He enjoys helping others remember, renew and celebrate our gifts, our accomplishments and our lives.


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