This is not for you.

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Game Genre: Maze game

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Description: “This Is Not For You” is a spatial exploration of queerness in a conservative society. You find yourself in a maze, a place games have put you in time and time again. You think to yourself that this is a familiar place with familiar rules, only to quickly discover that you can’t move forwards. In order to navigate the maze, you must edge yourself sideways and backwards through unfamiliar territory, while ignoring the hostile messages and laughter scattered throughout the environment. After a while, you gain dexterity with the controls, though they weren’t the ones you expected to have going in. You can approximate forward movement, as so many of us have approximated straightness in the past, and so many of us still do so today. However, this maze was not built for you, which gets clearer and clearer over time, as you struggle to both see where you’re going and go there at the same time. In the end, you can either stay in the maze forever, or find the exit and plummet into the void. Neither’s a good option to take, but so often there just aren’t any good options. There is no winning state. The game ends when you want it to, but the only person who can tell you if you made the right choice is you.


 John Robertson: Programmer, designer

Jonathan Bodian: Musician, composer

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