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Game Genre: Interactive fiction

Game Link: www.philome.la/homotree/uni

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Description: Uni is a text-based Twine game about a queer, nonbinary unicorn named Kaeia going through her first day of school at a predominately human university. Exploring Kaeia’s nuanced experience of being a marginalized student, the game uses fantasy as a metaphor for the trials encountered by queer students who experience oppression on multiple axes. It also plays with gender, pronouns, and queer sexuality, sometimes seriously and sometimes for comedic effect. Uni ultimately takes on the darker, more difficult topic of violent oppression, and emphasizes the need for a supportive, understanding community in order to survive the hardships which marginalized students inevitably face.

Designer & Contact Info:

Ryan Rosaceae email: ryanrosaceae@gmail.com twitter: @homotree

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