PRIDE Explorer® is a FREE Bilingual (English & Spanish) App available for download from the App Store and Google Play. This entertaining and educational location-based exploration has been created for both tourists and locals in mind. Gay or straight, young or old, there’s no other tour like this in the City of Angels or Big Apple! If you don’t have a portable device you can link tour our Virtual Tour by clicking here. Experience PRIDE from anywhere in the world, even in the safety of your own home.

Tour #1 is our “Walk In Our Shoes” self-guided interactive exploration of Downtown Los Angeles. You’ll discover how the City of Angels gave birth to a rich, vibrant and little known LGBTQ+ History. Learn how LA pioneered the fight for LGBTQ+ Equality before Stonewall and continues to contribute to the global movement.

Tour #2 is “LGBTinsel Town” – a distinctive LGBTQ+ view of the origins, growth and current existence of the little citrus grove called Hollywoodland, that helped to change the world. From the historic & haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to the hustler-laden intersection of Hollywood & Vine, you’ll uncover a century of closeted stars, underground pansy bars, and Gay rights battle scars.

Tour #3 is the “Stonewall 50th Anniversary” Tour of the West Village, NYC. Starting at the historic Stonewall Inn, gain insight to the historic milestone that ignited a national movement. Other highlights include the launching point of the First New York City Gay Liberation March, Women’s House of Detention, AIDS Memorial, and James Baldwin’s House.

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