Rev. Dr. Troy Perry

REV. DR. TROY PERRY is the founder of the Metropolitan Community Church, a Christian denomination known for celebrating and accepting the LGBTQ community.  His personal story of coming out, to himself, his family and his church is touching and inspiring.  After being told to resign as a preacher in a local church in Illinois, Perry thought his relationship with God was over.  It wasn’t until after a suicide attempt that he had an epiphany; God wanted him to create a church for the queer community, and in1968 he did just that in Los Angeles, CA.  Since then, MCC has grown significantly, reaching multiple cities internationally.  He has preformed same sex unions as early as 1970 and ordained women as pastors since 1972.   He has also been active in advocacy work, opposing the Briggs Initiative and Anita Bryant in the Save the Children Campaign in the ‘70s.  He planned the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1979 with Robin Tyler and has been invited to speak at the White House multiple times.

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  • DOB: July 27, 1940
  • From Tallahassee, Florida
  • Licensed preacher by 15 years old
  • Had sexual relations with other men but considers it youthful exploration.
  • Was kicked out of the Church of God he was preaching at in Illinois when found out. Moved to SoCal.
  • Marriage fell apart, his bishop told him to renounce himself and resign.
  • Was drafted into the arm in ’65 and served in Germany for 2 years
  • Attempted suicide in ’68.


  • Founded the Metropolitan Community Church in LA: Christian denomination known for affirming the LGBT communities on Oct. 6, 1968
  • Preformed same sex unions as early as 1970
  • Ordained women as pastors in ‘72
  • Movie “Call me Troy” on his life and legacy*
  • Seat on LA County Commission on Human Relations in ‘73
  • Oppose Anita Bryant in the Save the Children campaign ‘77
  • Opposed Briggs Initiative (ensure the firing of L&G teachers)
  • Planned National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights ’79 with Robin Tyler
  • Invited to the White House on multiple occasions
  • 1977 with Jimy Carter to talk L&G civil rights
  • 1995 with Bill Clinton on the first White House Conference on HIV/AIDS
  • 1997 for first White House Conference on Hate Crimes


  • The Lord is My Shepherd and He knows I’m Gay & the sequel Don’t be Afraid Anymore  (autobio)
  • Profiles in Gay and Lesbian Courage
  • Is Gay Good (contributing editor)
  • 10 Spiritual Truths for Gays and Lesbians* (*and everyone else!)


  • Humanitarian Award: American Civil Liberties Union Lesbian and Gay Rights Chapter

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