Dr. Don Kilhefner

Don Kilhefner is most well known for his work with radical gay movements in the 1970s. He was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front Los Angeles chapter in 1970, one of the most first organizations to bring gay rights to the general public’s attention in the United States. He also was a co-founder of the LA Gay Community Services Center in 1971, which later became the Los Angeles LGBT Center. As a response to what he believed was an assimilationist attitude in the mainstream gay rights movement, he co-founded of the spiritual/countercultural Radical Faeries movement. This loose network explored queer consciousness, one that Kilhefner believed was fundamentally different than that of heterosexuals. He recently wrote a column for Frontiers, Southern California largest gay newspaper, called Edging Out: Exploring the Frontiers of Gay Consciousness with Don Kilhefner.

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– Phd in Jungian pysch
– Claims that gays have a different consciousness than heterosexuals
– Organized Coors boycott in LA

– Co-founder of LA Gay Community Services Center (1971) now known as Los Angeles LGBT Center
– Co-founded Van Ness Recovery House
– Founding member of GLF in LA in 1970
– Founding member of the spiritual/counter-cultural movement Radical Faeries
– Writes a column (with Roberto Blain) for Frontiers (on of SoCals largest gay newspaper) called Edging out:
Exploring the Frontiers of Gay Consciousness.


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