Durk Dehner

Durk Dehner grew up in Alberta, Canada, and attended fine arts programs at The Allied Arts Center in Calgary, Alberta, the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and The Vancouver School of Fine Arts. Dehner co-founded the Tom of Finland Foundation with Tom himself in 1984 to establish an archive for Tom’s life history and work. Dehner has been at the helm of the Foundation developing it into what it is today while working in publishing, film direction, editing and production, public relations and marketing, photography, art collecting, writing, event production, and public speaking. He is a true renaissance man living in the twenty-first century.

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“Durk Dehner is Tom’s archivist and provided the original art for these volumes. He was born in Alberta, Canada, where he studied art before moving to the United States in the mid-seventies. He modeled for photographers Bruce Weber and Ken Haak, and began working with Tom of Finland in 1978 as his public relations liaison. Dehner was instrumental in bringing Tom out of the underground and focusing public attention on his work. The two co-founded the Tom of Finland Foundation in 1984 as an archive for Tom’s work and life history. He continues as head of the Foundation, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has expanded it to provide a refuge for all forms of erotic art.”

— from the Taschen Website “Tom of Finland — The Comic Book Collection” May 2005

Durk Dehner has been at the helm behind the Tom of Finland presence since 1979, a video porn director, a guy who was a model for Bruce Weber, and tied for first place in the first IML.

He was a model for Target Studios, in Drummer magazine, broke as many rules as he could get away with and put on the notorious underground parties in Los Angeles called BUTT BOYS.

He is now the director of the Tom of Finland Foundation. He mentors young guys in a strict form with consequences. He especially enjoys meeting anyone who has taken an intense interest, sexual and otherwise. He enjoys guys who cannot control their fetishes; boots, gear… never enough.

He is a granddaddy, had a son at sixteen and enjoys women that are of the same nature as he is — wild and uninhibited. He has choosen a road into the future that is real for him . He turns on to arenas in which he can thrive and grow. Normal is where boredom resides. Durk Dehner, The Hellraiser.


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