Oral History Projects (OHP):

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allied Pioneers

The Oral History Project videotapes testimonies from the LGBTQ community and supportive allies who were integral participants or witnesses to a historic event or movement.  View more here.

Young City At War: Stories from West Hollywood During the AIDS Epidemic

Launched on December 1, National AIDS Awareness Day, THE LAVENDER EFFECT® Oral History Project features the dramatic and poignant story of West Hollywood’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in its early days. Through in-depth interviews an important chapter of community history will be preserved and made available online for current residents, LGBTQ youth, and the broader public.  Educational materials (standards-aligned) will be developed to support use by teachers and student organizations at LAUSD middle and high schools.  View more here.

Social Media Projects:

Queer Video Project

The Queer Video Project (QVP) has a mission to acknowledge and celebrate the historical contributions of LGBTQA people through the lens of a new generation. We are working with talented filmmakers tell “A History to be Proud of!” – Andy Sacher, Founding Executive and Creative Director. View more here.

Today In LGBTQ History Project

The Today in LGBTQ History Project  collects and distributes daily facts about LGBTQ history and culture, reaching as far back as the High Middle Ages all the way up to the present, where LGBTQ history is being made every day.  View more here.