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October 23 in LGBTQ History

1965: After a series of demonstrations, this was the final East Coast Homophile Organizations (ECHO) White House picket. Demonstrators felt, with this event, that picketing the White House had lost its effectiveness as a tactic.

September 26 in LGBTQ History

1965: In San Francisco, thirty people picketed Grace Cathedral to protest punitive actions taken against Rev. Canon Robert Cromey for his involvement in the Council on Religion and the Homosexual, an alliance between LGBT people and religious leaders. 1970: In Los Angeles, Gay Liberation Front demonstrators persuade bar owners to allow gay patrons to hold hands. … Read More

September 22 in LGBTQ History

1676: Governor Edmond Andros of New York issues an order extending the 1665 sodomy law of New York into what now are Pennsylvania and Delaware. 1965: Emmy winning actor, producer and writer, Scandal‘s Dan Bucatinsky is born in New York CIty. 2002: In Switzerland, voters in the canton of Zurich vote 63% to 37% to give … Read More

July 31 in LGBTQ History

1940: The German Reich Commissar of the occupied Netherlands territories makes all sexual activities between men illegal. 1965: Lesbian and gay demonstrators picket the Pentagon to protest discrimination in the military. 1969: In New York City, militants separate from the more moderate homophile movement to form a counterculture-inspired group they vote to call the “Gay Liberation Front”.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_Liberation_Front … Read More

July 4 in LGBTQ History

1855: Walt Whitman publishes the first edition of his Leaves of Grass. 1965: At Independence Hall in Philadelphia, picketers begin staging the first Reminder Day to call public attention to the lack of civil rights for LGBT people. The gatherings continue annually for five years. 1969: Daughters of Bilitis and Mattachine society members picket Independence Hall in Philadelphia … Read More

May 29 in LGBTQ History

1965: Ten men and three women participate in an ECHO (East Coast Homophile Organization) picket of the White House. 1979: Los Angeles outlaws discrimination against homosexuals in private sector employment and in patronization of business establishments in its city. Mayor Thomas Bradley signs bills which go into effect July 2, 1979. 1987: U.S. Representative Barney … Read More

April 25 in LGBTQ History

1965: An estimated 150 people participate in a sit-in when the manager of Dewey’s restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania refused service to several people he thought looked gay. Four people are arrested, including homophile rights leader Clark Polak of Philadelphia’s Janus Society. All four are convicted of disorderly conduct. Members of the society also leaflet outside the … Read More

April 18 in LGBTQ History

1965: Following the previous day’s protest in Washington, D.C., twenty-nine ECHO (East Coast Homophile Organization) demonstrators picket the United Nations in New York City. 1973: The Minnesota State House of Representatives votes 69 to 46 to retain the state’s sodomy laws. 1976: Michael Bennett’s “A Chorus Line” sweeps the Tony Awards, winning nine in all, including one for Best … Read More

April 17 in LGBTQ History

1965: Ten gay and lesbian demonstrators picket the White House in Washington, D.C., the first in a series of demonstrations staged this year by the East Coast Homophile Organization (ECHO) 1976: The Lavender World’s Fair – the first all-gay world’s fair, featuring a “Spectacular Grandstand Concert,” “Special Lesbian Guest Stars,” “The World’s Largest Outdoor Disco” … Read More

February 11 in LGBTQ History

1965: At the San Francisco trial of the four people arrested at the Council on Religion and the Homosexual’s New Year’s Ball, the judge orders the jury to find the defendants not guilty. The decision is widely seen as a turning point in the homophile movement’s fight for gay and lesbian civil rights. 1967: In … Read More

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