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Game Genre: Puzzle

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Description: Pride Parade is a light-hearted puzzle game in which the goal is to reach the finish line involving as many people in your parade as possible and staying clear of the anti-LGBTQ police. Behind the colorful icons and the funky music we, as developers, wanted to draw attention towards the rich legacy and history of the LGBTQ movement and highlight a key form of celebration and demonstration in the LGBTQ community – the pride parade. From the very first pride march in New York City in 1969 to the now annual event in the numerous countries across continents, the Pride Parade has come a long way. Activists and advocates have faced (and are still facing in many countries) a number of hurdles as they strive to ensure equality for all. The player in the Pride parade game has to guard against these obstacles – the police – which represent all the negative factors in the society against progress. On the positive side, the player has to bring in as many folks to join their cause for a brighter and fairer future. Pride Parade is our first ever game and we are eager to explore making games with a focus on LGBTQ issues. Till then, march on!

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