THE LAVENDER EFFECT® and Out & About Tours share a passion for LGBTQ+ Heritage & Culture! Our diverse, relevant, and frequently hidden history is at the heart of our LGBTQ+ and Allied past, as well as influential contributions to the global movement. From Tinseltown to Pershing Square, our lively guides will dust off more than a century of closeted stars, underground bars and gay rights battle scars. LGBTQ+ or straight, young or old, neighbor or visitor, we welcome you to walk in our shoes for one or more of our three walking tours. Water and snacks provided.

Downtown Los Angeles houses the most rich and vibrant LGBTQ+ history our city has to offer. From the gay friendly Native Americans who first settled the land centuries before Columbus arrived to LA’s first gay porn theatre that opened in the 1800’s to the grand hotels and bath houses that sated the secret desires of the Hollywood elite – this tour is unlike any other in Los Angeles. Enjoy a brisk two-hour walk while you discover that LA has always been the most fierce city in the fight for equality!

LGBTinsel Town celebrates a historic tipping point, providing enriching, educational, and amusing alternatives to visitors and locals alike. We’ll show you Hollywood like no one has ever dared!

Most international travelers know it as Boystown now, but we’ll dig up and dish so much more. West Hollywood (WeHo) is 1.9 square miles of incredible gay history. Find out where Judy Garland used to hang with her “lavender lads”, pass the home of the first pair of assless chaps, see the bar where the phrase “lipstick lesbian” was first uttered, hear how the town got the zip code 900″69″ and much, much more. Before WeHo became an independent city, this area was out of jurisdiction of the LAPD, so some wild times went on starting at the turn of the century and history shows that the party still continues!

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