Intergenerational Conversations

THE LAVENDER EFFECT© invites educators and student groups to have intergenerational conversations with pioneers who lived the arc of LGBTQ+ history. Engage in an intergenerational discussion about the fight for equality in Southern California, and beyond. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the experiences, relationships, choices, sacrifices, and victories of LGBTQ+ Elders.

(Photo of Allen Page by Richard Neely, 2021)

Allen Page lives his life at the intersection of Queer and Black heritages and is our featured LGBTQ+ Elder for 2023. He was documented by our Oral History Team in 2012 and has a fascinating story that is summarized HERE. Allen is on THE LAVENDER EFFECT’s Advisory Board and can be booked for a virtual Intergenerational Conversation by emailing

(Above: Andy Sacher, Mia Yamamoto, Robert Patrick, Miki Jackson, Ivy Bottini, and Dr. Rev. Troy Perry at the Intergenerational Conversation at Models of Pride, 2012)