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October 30 in LGBTQ History

1968: Popular silent film star, Ramon Novarro, is murdered in his North Hollywood home by Paul and Tom Ferguson, aged 22 and 17, whom he had hired from an agency to come to his home for sex.

September 30 in LGBTQ History

1983: New York State sues a West 12th Street co-op for trying to evict Dr. Joseph Sonnabend for treating AIDS patients. He later receives $10,000 and a new lease. 1985: A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in a 2—1 opinion written by Anthony Kennedy, affirms in the case of … Read More

September 17 in LGBTQ History

1972: M*A*S*H premieres on CBS introducing the world to Corp. Max Klinger, televisions first on-going transvestite (but still heterosexual) character. 1979: California Governor Jerry Brown appoints Stephen M. Lachs to the Los Angeles Superior Court making him the nation’s first openly gay judge. 1986: Arch-Conservative Antonin Scalia joins the U.S. Supreme Court. 2007: The Maryland … Read More

August 26 in LGBTQ History

1904: Christopher Isherwood is born in Wyberslegh Hall, United Kingdom. 1981: In California, Governor Jerry Brown appoints Mary Morgan to the San Francisco Municipal Court. She is the first openly lesbian judge in the U.S. 1986: Jerry Smith, former Washington Redskins tight end, is the first celebrity to voluntarily acknowledge that he has AIDS. He … Read More

August 2 in LGBTQ History

1986: Roy Cohn dies of AIDS in Bethesda, Maryland, asserting to his last breathe that he has liver cancer. 1995: U.S. President Bill Clinton signs Executive Order 12968,  which bans discrimination based on “sexual orientation” as it establishes uniform policies for allowing government employees access to classified information.

July 29 in LGBTQ History

1953: Tim Gunn, fashion guru and guide is born today.  “Make it work!” 1978: The Village People’s first major hit, disco single “Macho Man”, begins a six-week run in the nation’s Top 40. It will eventually go gold. 1986: The Chicago City Council, by a vote of 30 to 18, defeats a proposed gay rights ordinance for the … Read More

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