Tag: 1986

January 4 in LGBTQ History

1982: Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. is formed in New York by Edmund White, Larry Kramer, Nathan Fain, Lawrence D. Mass, Paul Popham, and Paul Rapoport. 1986: Gay author Christopher Isherwood dies at the age of 81 in Santa Monica. He is survived by his partner of 32 years, artist Don Bachardy.

December 11 in LGBTQ History

1973: Gay Activist Mark Allan Segal interrupts a live broadcast of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite by holding up a sign that reads “Gays Protest CBS Prejudice” 1975: George Moscone is elected Mayor of San Francisco. 1986: Austin, TX passes an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against people with AIDS in employment, housing, business, medical … Read More

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