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October 17 in LGBTQ History

1995: For the first time in its history, the United Nations considers lesbian and gay rights abuses at its International Tribunal on Human Rights Violations Against Sexual Minorities. Following testimony from a number of women and men who have suffered abuse ranging from torture to forced institutionalization, the tribunal recommends that the UN document sexual orientation and gender identity issues around the world and integrate them into the organization’s human rights agenda.

July 30 in LGBTQ History

1960: In France, the National Assembly adds homosexuality to a list of fleaux sociaux (“social plagues”) that the government is charged to combat. 2003: George W. Bush, sitting president of the United States, says he supports “codifying marriage in the United States as being between one man and one woman.”

May 27 in LGBTQ History

1960: In San Francisco, the Daughters of Bilitis sponsors a three-day national convention of lesbians, perhaps the first public gathering focused on the topic of lesbianism in the United States. 1977: Wyoming repeals its laws against homosexual acts between consenting adults. 1987: With wife Tammy Faye weeping at his side, disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker goes … Read More

January 20 in LGBTQ History

1960: U.S. Court of Federal Claims overturns the Other Than Honorable discharge issued by the Air Force to Fannie Mae Clackum for her alleged homosexuality. This is the first known instance of a homosexuality-related discharge being successfully fought, although the case turned on due process issues and did not affect the military’s policy of excluding … Read More