May 27 in LGBTQ History

1960: In San Francisco, the Daughters of Bilitis sponsors a three-day national convention of lesbians, perhaps the first public gathering focused on the topic of lesbianism in the United States.

1977: Wyoming repeals its laws against homosexual acts between consenting adults.

1987: With wife Tammy Faye weeping at his side, disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker goes on ABC’s Nightline to publicly refute charges of his sexual indiscretions, as well as accusations that he mismanaged funds from his once-thriving television ministry.  He is eventually sentenced to 45 years in federal prison.  Tammy Faye divorced him while he was serving his sentence, remarried, and became a prominent gay rights activist up until her death from cancer in 2007.  Their son, Jay Bakker, is a gay-rights affirming pastor with his own congregation, Revolution Church.

2006: An attempt to stage the first-ever gay pride march in Moscow ends with violence and mass arrests, after activists took to the streets despite the ban by mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

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