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THE LAVENDER EFFECT® is a nonprofit organization formed by members of the Los Angeles LGBTQ community to celebrate our heritage and inspire future generations.  We are committed to Advancing the Future of LGBTQ History and Culture.  THE LAVENDER EFFECT® is a project of Community Partners.


Our ultimate goal is to create a state-of-the-art LGBTQ Museum that will be among the foremost educational and entertainment institutions in Southern California.  It will showcase the Southern California regional history of the LGBTQ movement and its place in world history, as well as the reciprocal influence on our region of LGBTQ contributions to civilization.

A world-class interactive Museum, using the latest in evolving technology, will educate and inspire future generations.  Coupled with a dynamic Cultural Center which will become a hub for our community, the complex will focus awareness on our contributions to society and our place in history, host lively programs to help define our place in the 21st Century, and provide positive role models for LGBTQ youth.


Los Angeles City Hall bathed in Lavender Light for Pride

Los Angeles City Hall bathed in Lavender Light for Pride (Photo by Tyr Jung-Hall)

Though our community has made enormous strides over the past half-century, homophobia still exists, and the epidemic of suicide by gay teens continues. There is an urgent need to demystify the existence of LGBTQ persons, to educate both our own young people and the population-at-large of the enormous impact we have had, and continue to have, on civilization.


Currently Hollywood hosts nineteen million visitors per year. We hope to situate the complex in a prominent location within the core tourist district, with a goal of reaching a percentage of that international visitor stream, as well as attracting local residents.


It takes time, planning, and money to create a cutting-edge, elegant cultural complex which will properly reflect the diversity, creativity, and sophistication of our community. Current plans call for the doors to open in 2016.