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July 18 in LGBTQ History

1966: Around 25 people picket Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco when new management begins using Pinkerton agents and police to harass gay and transgender customers. 1990: Two congregations of the Lutheran Church−both in San Francisco−are suspended for having ordained gay and lesbian pastors.

May 21 in LGBTQ History

1966: A coalition of homophile organizations across the country organizes simultaneous demonstrations for Armed Forces Day. The Los Angeles group holds a 15-car motorcade (which has been identified as the nation’s first gay pride parade) and activists hold pickets in the other cities. 1970: Bella Abzug-running for the 19th District congressional seat in New York City-addresses … Read More

April 21 in LGBTQ History

1966: Members of the Mattachine Society stage a “sip-in” at the Julius Bar in Greenwich Village, where the New York Liquor Authority prohibits serving gay patrons in bars on the basis that homosexuals are “disorderly.” Society president Dick Leitsch and other members announce their homosexuality and are immediately refused service.  Following the sip-in, the Mattachine Society … Read More

January 21 in LGBTQ History

1966: Time magazine publishes an unsigned two-page article, “The Homosexual in America” which includes statements such as “Homosexuality is a pathetic little second-rate substitute for reality, a pitiable flight from life”