OHP-101 Workshop Outline

THE LAVENDER EFFECT© invites schools, organizations, and community groups to participate in an introduction to Oral Histories Workshop. This intense program provides an introductory overview of the entire process, emphasizing the best techniques for interviewing regional LGBTQ+ community members. OHP-101 is taught by Creative Producer, Author, and LGBTQ+ Historian Andy Sacher.

DAY #1: Lavender LA Presentation (2.0-hours)

Los Angeles’ LGBTQ+ History: WWII to Stonewall, followed by Q&A (+ optional reception)

DAY #2: Queer Testimonies Workshop (7.0-hours)

Introduction to THE LAVENDER EFFECT® mission & programs

Creating LGBTQ+ Authentic Historical Video Testimonies

Outlining the Process including Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, & Exhibition

Lunch Break

Group Interview Practice:

  • Break into groups with one elder interviewee
  • Interview subject about a single milestone event
  • Reflect on the experience and share with other groups

Intro to Transcripts & Paper Edits

Group Paper Edit Practice:

  • Return to the same groups to review sample transcript
  • Select segments of the transcript dialogue that tells a complete story
  • Share the story with other groups

Exhibiting Content & Inspiring Others

Email info@thelavendereffect.org for more information.