Winning Film Criterion


THE LAVENDER EFFECT® will facilitate the Queer History Student Filmmaker’s Competition with REVRY™ and Global SchoolNet.

College, Middle and High School Students entering this competition create an original 3min-5min video about a historic LGBTQ or allied figure, historic milestone, and/or notable landmark. Filmmakers present their unique perspective on LGBTQ history, like student filmmaker Alex Valencia’s award-winning video about famed computer scientist Alan Turing (

Films will be judged by a team of historians, filmmakers, and educators based on the following criterion:

  1. The Filmmaker(s) combine significant research and personal observations to create an original, interesting, accurate, and relevant story.
  2. The story is presented in an exceptionally fun, original, creative, or innovative way.
  3. Audio, video, photos, music, and graphics are exceptionally high quality and are used in a way that enhances the story message.
  4. The narrative motivates change and provides actions the viewers can take.
  5. The project follows fair use for all audio and images that are included. All text is the original work of the group members or is used with permission All credits are listed.

Awards will be announced following the October 26th Launch Event.