Nadia Sutton

Founding Community Advisor

Nadia Sutton was born in Brussels, Belgium, lived in Israel on a kibbutz, hitchhiked through Europe, and studied theater in Paris. She fell in love with Frederico Garcia Lorca’s poetry and moved to Southern Spain. Nadia lived in England for 12 years, co-created a pirate radio station, and worked as an actress. In 1979, Nadia came to Los Angeles and continued her acting career. She rallied around her close friends getting sick with HIV/AIDS in 1984. She worked with Sally Fisher’s AIDS Mastery workshops to help people with HIV/AIDS live fuller lives. She also worked with national gay rights advocates, and many of these people became her life teachers. In 1989 Nadia Co-founded PAWS LA, dedicated to help people living with AIDS/HIV and life threatening illnesses, and seniors to keep their beloved animal companions. She was on the City of West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board for 13 years, and now serves on the West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board. Nadia helped run Obama/NO on 8 campaign office in West Hollywood, is involved with many organizations dedicated to LGBT rights, is on the Board of Stonewall Dem Club and the YAC (LGBT Youth Advocacy Coalition) board, and is very proud to help promote the superb Advocate magazine in West Hollywood.