Allen Page

Chair & Program Advisor

To explore the spiritual dimension of being Gay, Allen Page attended the first Spiritual Conference for Radical Faeries in 1979.  Later he participated in a Day of Intergenerational Dialogue, was initiated into the Gay Men’s Medicine Circle, served on the Steering Committee of the Gay Healers Circle, and came out as an elder at the World Pride and Power Conference in 2008.  Allen has also served as vice president and president of the Gay Elder Circle and spoken on “Ask the Elders” panels for Inspire Spiritual Community.  He co-created a multimedia show that includes his photographs from the 1979 gathering.  His writing has appeared in RFD Magazine and the anthologies My Life Is Poetry and The Fire In Moonlight.  And he had a long career in theatrical and television story development.

For over twenty-five years, Allen Page has provided insight, awareness and inspiration as an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Channeler and Speaker.  Born in New Orleans of African, European and Mexican heritage, he is inspired by the inherent unity of all the world’s sacred traditions, and by the esteemed role of LGBTQI persons in many traditional cultures.  He is passionate about honoring our ancestors, sharing our stories and celebrating our lives.

(photo by Richard Neely)